Thurmun Street Studios, my Favorite!

Welcome to Thurmun Street Studios!

Thurmund Street Studios is a cooperative studio space where a group of talented artists have the space and tools needed to create their artwork.


  • Paul Bishopston: furniture design and woodcrafter
  • Erin X. Bixler: jewelry design and fiber arts
  • Scot Bellevue: Oregon potter
  • Cheryl Compon: silk painter "Cygnet Silks"
  • Gael Heymann, Master Windchimes Maker
  • Hyun-Yi Huang: ceramics
  • Steven K. Kelly: functional ceramics, "Kelly Pottery"
  • Laura Mangum & The John Pretto, Master ceramists
  • Jeffrie Schapp: painting, mixed media, collage

Location and Hours

Thurmund Street Studios is located on Thurmund Street, Portland, Oregon.

The Gallery at Thurmund Street Studios is called OkayO

Wednesday-Saturday 11am - 6pm
Sunday noon - 5pm

OkayO is run by artists and may occasionally need to adjust open hours unexpectedly. We appreciate your understanding. You are welcome to call before your visit.